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If you have questions, comments or complaints about the OSI SAF Sea Ice products, you can send a request from the central OSI SAF web portal (registered users). Follow this link to log in. Or you can send a direct email to one of the points of contact below.

User account at central OSI SAF web portal:

Users interested in receiving operational service messages, getting access to specific documentation and take benefit from the user help desk service, have to be registered by asking for an account. Follow this link to register for such an account at the central OSI SAF web portal.

Points of contact at OSI SAF High Latitude center:

- Development questions, comments and suggestions: osisaf-dev[at]met.no

- Production questions, comments and suggestions: osisaf-prod[at]met.no

- Administrative matters: osisaf-manager[at]met.no

- Webmaster: Steinar Eastwood, s.eastwood[at]met.no

To avoid email spam, "_NOSPAM" has been added to each email address, and [at] is written instead of @. Remember to edit the addresses before sending.