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These graphs are now being deprecated. They are superseeded with newer versions. The new graphs have better outlook, and are based on improved sea ice concentration data. Please update your bookmarks and find the new graphs here

Daily updated Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent.

Seasonal Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Extent.

Display sea ice extent trend for chosen month.

The sea-ice extent time-series are based on the OSI SAF Sea Ice Concentration re-processed dataset (v1.1, covering 1978 to 2009) and on the operational sea ice concentration product. More details on the computation of sea ice extent are found in Lavergne, et al. 2010.

Since the latest data points are based on our operational product, potentially degraded by missing input satellite data, one should be cautious in drawing conclusions from sharp increase/decrease of sea ice extent in the daily plot.


Thomas Lavergne, Mari Anne Killie, Steinar Eastwood, Lars-Anders Breivik
Extending the CryoClim Arctic sea ice extent time series with operational OSI SAF products from 2008 onwards. Met.no Note 07/2010.

EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satelitte Application Facility. Global sea ice concentration reprocessing dataset 1978-2009 (v1.1, 2011), [Online]. Norwegian and Danish Meteorological Institutes. Available from http://osisaf.met.no.