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Software tools and libaries for reading the OSI SAF products

General format documentation

The OSI SAF products are always available in NetCDF format. In addition, some of the products are still available in GRIB and HDF5 format. Documentation of these different formats and tools for reading them can be found at the institutions responsible for the formats.





For Microsoft Windows users there also exist a software for viewing the GRIB products. Have a look at this web page:
http://www.satsignal.net under Satellite Tools, Sea-Ice & SST Viewer.



A library (libosihdf) has been developed in the OSI SAF to read the OSI SAF HL products on HDF5 format. This library can be downloaded by saving this link: libosihdf5.tar.gz. The library comes with a GNU Autoconf interface, use configure --help to see the available options.

A package for reading and visualizing the HDF5 products in the R software has been developed by the OSI SAF. This package can be downloaded by saving this link: osisaf_0.1.tar.gz. The package requires the libosihdf to be available and use the standard R implementation procedure: R CMD INSTALL --configure-args="--with-osihdf5=" osisaf.

More details about these formats can be found in the Product Manuals available for each product under Documentation.

Product grid position files

The latitude and longitude positions of the grid points are not provided on the GRIB and HDF5 files, just on the NetCDF files. Therefor we provide separate static HDF5 files with two fields giving the latitude and longitude of each grid point. These files can be download by saving these links:

Please contact osisaf-manager[at]met.no if you have any trouble using these tools.